Velto Surfboards and harness in action

The Velto Adaptive Surf

Our goal is to make surfing accessible for everyone. The surfer is equipped with a buoyancy-assisted protective vest, effectively preserving from risks of drowning and injury to the back and spine. The protective vest attachs to the board’s guide rail by means of a carbon fiber plate.

The floater is a specific Velto surfboard, made of state-of-the-art composite materials allowing greater mechanical properties than classic surfboards, i.e. lighter and more resistant. The surf is equipped with a guide rail and foam protection for the head.

State-of-the-art engineering


Surfboards haven’t evolved since decades. They are still made of basic polyester or epoxy resin and fiberglass over polyurethane foam construction. This allowed surfboards to be mass produced in factories with cheap labor workforce. 99% of the market is dominated by thaï Cobra factory.

As mechanical engineers and avid watersport practicers – windsurfing, sailing, kiteboarding, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and of course surfing – we took the best of different constructions and created a unique new type of surfboard using a patented double-sandwich process with strategical Kevlar reinforcement. As you may have unfortunately discovered, it you let a classic surfboard fall on a hard floor, it will break or ding. Not this one.

Compared to an equivalent surfboards, it allowed the Velto Surfboards to be lighter and more resistant.

A new type of surfboard

Velto Surfboards are a new type of surfing: for everyone, easier to learn and with a higher degree of safety.

Feather light

8 years of research and development enable velto surfboards to be 30% lighter than other surfboards. Modern polymers and fibers make Velto Surfboards more resistant, lighter, and easier than any other surfboards

Developed with and for our users

The surfer is equipped with a buoyancy-assisted protective vest (protecting against the risks of drowning and injury to the back and spine) that that attaches to the board’s guide rail by means of a carbon plate. Families, disabled heroes, children. Make surfing as easy as breaststroking.


43% more resistant than conventional surfboards through specific industrial process and strategic reinforcement

Meet the engineering team




Mechanical engineer by profession.

Loïc Lwrt

Loïc Lwrt


Taking the concept to the next level.

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